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Ottoman v Timaruit

Here are a few photos from one of our recent games.

This was a 500 point DBM battle.

Battle Report
The battle formation lined up with the Turks deploying into three commands.
The Right Wing consisted of the elite division of Sipahis Cv(S) supported by Tartars LH(S)and some Akinjis LH(F). The center had the Janissaries Bw(S) with some artillery Art(S)and mixed foot Bd(O) to support. The left wing had the remainder of the Siphais Cv(O) with the bulk of the Akinjis LH(F) and were facing the elephants.

Sipahis elephant fighting on hill

The Timaruit formed into three divisions two extemely large and one small flying division. The right wing consisted of mainly cavarly Cv(O) with LH(S) supporting on the flanks the full force of the bowmen Bw(O) marched with this command to press the attack. There also consisted two artillery batteries Art(O) and two elephants El(O) with escorts Ax(O).The right wing consisted of two elephants El(O) with escorts Ax(O) and lots of horse both Cv(O) and LH(S).

wall of sipahis Turkish General

The battle opened with the Turks trying to delay the large cavlary force on thie r left while both the right and center advanced towards the nemy slowly (rolled all ones for PIP). The Timurit pressed home the attack every where possible except facing the Janissaries, never seen an elephant hide itself like an ostrich bfore. It could be heard cry as the Timurit command charged towards the Turks "What do you mean their all Superior!". The bowmen let loose the arrows bounced and within three moves the bow were gone. Without support on the flanks the helpless cavalry started to fall. The battle was won by the elite force of the sipahis who destroyed all of the Timurit bowmen along with the bulk of the cavalry thus inflicting >50% casualties on their command.

The Janissaries manged one shot at an elephant before verything ran away. The other flank was fought to stall on both sides.

The Turks claim the victory but a return may well ensue.