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Napoleonic Naval Battle

Here are a few photos from one of our recent games.

This was a Napoleonic Naval battle between the brave British and the dastardly French, I wonder what side I fought with.

Battle Report
The ships lined up parallel to each other as they made their approaches.
Many industrious sailors lost their brave life as Admiral "Blind Man" Grabber commanding the British sailed easily into ship after ship irrespective of who they were. The French decided that the easy course was to keep a line as they approached the British, on the otherhand the British decided that it was easier to ignore all orders and every man for himself. I was only following the AdmiraL, honest Howard. Which way is left again?

ships ships ships

The Britsh decided that the best tactic was to get in the way of the French and let them ram you, it's easier to shoot a stationary target. The only problem occured when Admiral Grabber got mixed up with the signals and allowed his firend to ram his ship. Is this the perfect broadside! The poor Frenchman in the middle was blasted to a watery grave although he will claim that he could still sail.

ships ships ships ships