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Dateline: The rolling hills of Macedonia

The Capitol was abuzz with rumors of an impending invasion by a huge Later Carthaginian army. The rumors proved true as the massive force of Carthage rolled across the Macedonia frontier. The King assembled his staff and gave his orders. As great a multitude as the enemy army was, the King order an equally great force assembled.

Six days later the Macedonian army marched out of the Capitol. It was the largest force ever assembled by the King. The call up of men was unprecedented. The King had the great bolt throwers made ready. The King even had the Royal Elephant Corps mustered for the upcoming march. The entire army was entrusted to the Prince Tom, Warden of the Left Coast, Guardian of the Western Border, and Another Cousin Many Times Removed of the King.

The Carthaginian army was met on the Plains o' Tennis, an area of great rolling plains. The battlefield terrain as seen from the Macedonian side was this. On the far left flank was a wooded area hard upon the Macedonian deployment area. In the left center of the Carthaginian deployment area was a long gentle ridge stretching out toward the center of the battlefield. In the center of the battlefield was a large wooded area. On the right flank center of the field was a large gentle hill, closer to the enemy was a large area of rough ground, almost behind the enmy was another large gentle hill. The battlefield was then was traversed by a river, which isolated the right fourth of the Plain from the rest. The part of the plain to the right or east of the river played no part in the battle.

Battle Lines

The Prince deployed the army from left to right as follows, the Cavalry of the Army under direct control of the Prince with Light Horse, then Companions in many squadrons. Next was the Royal Elephant Corps interspersed and supported by the Loyal Thracian Brigade. Next was the Great Phalanx, and truly great it was. The pikes appeared as an endless forest stretching off to the east.

A psiloi screen was placed in front of the woods in the center of the battlefield. Next were auxilia and a few spear of the right flank,with the army's bolt throwers on the right flank hill, the whole flank being screened by numerous psiloi.Right Flank Setup

The Carthaginian Army was observed deploying and the Prince noted that it appeared the Carthaginains had allies with them, since surely the Carthaginian numbers could not produce such a large army. Soon socuts reported that Campanians from Italy were with the Carthaginians in great number, dressed and armed as hoplites and swordsmen. The prisoners brought by the scouts died shortly after questioning started; therefore no further information about the Campanions is known at this time.

The Carthaginian deployed thusly, again as seen from the Macedonian side. Far left great masses of light horse and cavalry. Next a great block of spearmen. Next more spear with intermixed swordsmen. Psiloi crouched in the central woods waiting for their chance. Next were warbands clearly identifiable as Gallic along with masses of Gallic cavalry. Finally the far right flank of rough going was held by the disloyal Thracians.

The Prince asked one of his keen-eyed aides to identify the enemy general. Was it the evil twin of the Late Roman General Opalkaius? The aid replied yes, it must be Opalkabul, brother of Opalkaius, son of Oplakai. The Prince nodded; saying that the King would be pleased with defeat this General.

Prince Tom wasted no time. The Cavalry of the Army was sent galloping forward. The Great Phalanx and the Royal Elephant Corps in the center marched steadily forward. On the right flank the bolt throwers began shooting at the enemy Thracians with good effect driving them back. The Carthaginians on their part advance either flank, holding their center back.

Knights Advance

The Cavalry of the Army continued forward. With a shout the enemy cavalry crashed into the Macedonian horse. As huge swirling cavalry engagement quickly developed. The Companions charged the foe time and again. The light horse fared less well. Neither side could gain the advantage. The Great Phalanx and the Royal Elephant Corps in the center marched steadily forward driving enemy psiloi slowly before them.

On the right flank the bolt throwers continued shooting at the enemy Thracians with good effect driving them back. The Carthaginians launched their Gallic cavalry at the auxilia and spear of the right flank.

Gallic Cavalry Attack

The Cavalry of the Army, charging relentlessly with the brave Companions began to cause many casualties among the enemy horse. The light horse surrounded and annihilated the enemy light horse. The Great Phalanx and the Royal Elephant Corps in the center marched steadily forward driving enemy psiloi slowly before them.

Knights Win Battle

On the right, to everyone's astonishment, the auxilia held against the Gallic cavalry and begain to work around their flank. From this position the auxilia could see hordes of warband fast approaching being personally directed by Opalkabul

Finally the enemy right flank collapsed in the tireless assault of the Cavalry of the Army. Shortly thereafter the Carthaginian general on their right was brought down by the hard charging Companions. The enemy horse began to flee the field. The enemy spear blocks began looking over their collective shoulder. The Great Phalanx and the Royal Elephant Corps in the center marched steadily forward driving enemy psiloi slowly before them.Gallic Cavalry Attack

On the right, the auxilia, spears, and psiloi counter-attacked the Gallic cavalry causing many casualites. Suddenly a horrible chanting was heard, and then the Gallic warbands burst upon the brave defenders of the right flank. The Carthaginian General Opalkabul had given up trying to restrain the frothing hordes. They were released to create destruction.

Warband Attacks

On the left the Campanian General arrived with his cavalry from the enemy left center to try to retrieve the Carthaginian right flank. It was to no avail. The enemy horse, those few remaining fled past the general. However, the fresh cavalry was too much for the exhausted Cavalry of the Army who now fell back themselves.

Phalanx Rolls over Campanians

In the center, the Great Phalanx and the Royal Elephant Corps crashed into the Carthaginian and Campanian infantry before them. The Great Phanlax slaughtered all in their path.

Elephants Attack Spearmen

On the right, the auxilia and spears drove off the Gallic cavalry again with heavy losses and turned their might on the Gallic warbands. Soon, these too were streaming in terror to the rear leaving great mounds of fallen behind.

The Carthaginians were defeated. The Macedonian Army itself was severely tested and pusuit was mininal. The evil Opalkabul slipped away and out of Macedonia with the remanants of his army. Sadly, he could not be captured for extensive "questioning". The Prince was sure this menace would find a new army and once again return.

Upon his return the Capitol, the Prince was honored by the King with a new title, "Kicker of Carthaginian Butt". This brought a great roar of laughter from all those present as they all knew it was only Carthaginian Girls, not Real Men they fought.

The King tried to honor the Prince further by presenting the much traveled and inexplicably present Sheila of the King's Own Harem to the Prince, but the Prince's Wife fixed the King with a Look that not even the King dared test. The rest of the evening was spent in celebration of Prince Tom's Victory in the massive battle on the Plains o' Tennis.

End Report 23:
As always, we will bring you additional updates as they become available.

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