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1777 flag
American War of Independence

This was an ficticious battle of the American Wars of Independence to give us new commers a feel for the period. John Gephard supplied the figures and terrain and I had to bring my camera just in case a photo opportunity arose. The rules used were Guns of Liberty by Eric Burgess which most of us used for the first time. Basic scenario was for the Britsh to push the American army from the table for victory. On the other hand the Armerican army had to inflict 30% casualties for a win. I am glad to say that I led my name-sakes brigade (Fraser) into battle complete with the 71st Fraser Highlanders.

The Militia prepare for the British advance. The Continentals prepares their line around the stonehouse. The opening volley is fired as the troops come to firing range.

The American lines deploys to meet the threat of a British attack. The Militia was sent to protect the right flank while the Regulars concentrated on the left and center around the Stonehouse.

THe British press forward led by the 71st Highlanders. The British prepare for volley fire. The Continentals feel the power of the British line.

The British plan was to use it's right flank as a hinge pin and swing the center and left flank around to push the poorer American troops from the table. Unfortunately the right flank was a little too impetious and was pressing home the advance while outnumbered, bloody Scots was the words spoken by Cornwallis as he realized he would need to fight in the center. The American regulars gave as good as they got and the British right flank took severe casualties. The American 12lb battery proved to be partially effective until blasted at point blank range by the British 3lb battery, then there was a great silence.

The Militia pulling back again. The British center advances with no threat to prevent it.

The Continental plan was to fire and retreat but whenever the British got within charge range they charged forward with the cold steel only to find the enemy falling back again and again. They eventually ran out of space and started to take heavy losses. This would eventually lead to the collapse of the Ameriacn right flank. In the center the British advanced steadily (too slowly for Fraser) and kept up volley fire. The Highlanders did chase the Light Infantry from the house to earn a well deserved rest and cup of tea. The British had a flank march expected to appear on the right one hour ago but it was late by the timne it arrived. This proved to be a nail in the coffin for the American troops as the British Light Infantry started to rifle the flank of the American troops while the Cavalry was determined to charge someone.

In summary I think everyone enjoyed the game. The rules moved smoothly, the troops looked great, I got to use Highlanders and Frasers at that, and the table looked great, all thanks to John. We all look forward to the return battle because as is well known the battle may be won but the war is far from over. Thanks to John for lots of fun and for everyone else for making a game of it.