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Army of Northern Virginia Flag
American Civil War

We do not play enough of the ACW but when we do it always produces a lot of fun. We use Johnny Reb III for rules and generally fight a Division size battle per side. Here are a few pictures from a recent game.

Confederates prepare for Union advance. The Union try to outflank the Rebs. Confederate officers kept getting shot.

Recently we tried Fire and Fury for the first time and it turned out very good fun so we did it again, this time 1st Bull Run. It gives you the Army feel to the game rather than the Division scale. Here are a few photos from 1st Bull Run which turned out to be another Confederate victory due to some dodgy dice rolling on the Union side and the lack of troops able to swim.

Sherman leading his brigade to take the ford. The Union press forward to strike at the advance Reb brigade. The Confederate reinforcements march to the sound of battle. The Confederate start to suffer heavy casualties at the front. Sherman encourages his brigade to decimate the Rebs (yeah right). The Rebs prepare for the Union assault.. Typical scene of a close range firefight.. The Confederate appear to be surrounded, a lucky 12 saves them again. Close combat fighting was in abundance in this game. The Union dress up for the final assault. Sherman retrearts bloodied but defiant.